Statement on the Policy of the Journal of International Private Law


The Editorial Board of the Journal of international private law adheres to the balanced policy in its publishing activities. This policy is based on principles of pluralism, accountability, freedom of speech and thought, respect for human rights, non-discrimination, and it is reflected in the Journal content.

The Editorial Board attaches particular importance to the possibility of exchange of opinions and information of transboundary nature, providing a broad international scientific dialogue.

In order to maintain the high quality of the Journal and improving its ranking, the Editorial Board is seeks to continually improving the content of the Journal, to improve the quality of published materials, consistently monitors the progressive development of the law and pays special attention to publications on topical and unexplored issues of international private law and related fields of law.

The Editorial Board seeks to ensure that the Journal has been presented various points of view, and it will a platform for prominent scientists and for beginner specialists. It widely practiced to attract foreign experts to participate in the formation of the editorial portfolio.

Special attention is paid to publishing legal materials (national and international), documents of intergovernmental and non-governmental international organizations and case law for use by lawyers in their practice and research activities, as well as in the educational process.

Publication of articles is free of charge and without payment of the fee.

All the submitted articles are reviewed by qualified specialists. Editorial decisions on the publication or rejection of the article based on its scientific value, clarity and accuracy of the study and its relevance to the Journal.

Authors of the articles have the right to appeal the decision of the editors. Only original materials are accepted for publication. If the article is (fully or partially) previously published in another publication, then its publication in the Journal is impossible.

The final text of the article after  reviewing, technical editing and translation (English or Russian languages) is sent without fail to the author for approval.

The editorial Board strictly observes  intellectual  rights of authors and translators, other copyright holders. Plagiarism is not allowed. The Editorial Board adheres to a privacy policy and protection of personal data.

The policy of the Journal is completely independent.